Data-Controlled Auto-Aim and Auto-Focus

MicroLASERGUIDE Projector on AutoAim mount

AutoAim and AutoFocus maximize the usefulness and productivity of each LASERGUIDE projector. These features enable fabricators to enlarge the work zone without manually repositioning or refocusing the projector.

With AutoFocus, sharp laser lines are automatically produced at distances of 2 to more than 50 feet from the projector.

LASERGUIDE and MicroLASERGUIDE each display within a 60° projection field. AutoAim automatically redirects the projector to display throughout an entire sphere. Thus, a single projector can display anywhere within an area that would require multiple projectors without Auto-Aim. This flexibility opens confined spaces to laser projection operations with a single projector setup.

Auto-Focus and Auto-Aim Feature Benefits:

  • Eliminate manual tasks of projector repositioning and focal adjustment
  • Ensure automatic, sharp projection of laser lines for patterns at varied distances from the projector
  • Enable multitasking into many work zones with a single projector
  • Provide the functionality of multiple projectors with single-projector setup—a major cost savings
  • Simplify laser-projection operations in confined spaces
  • Speed overall fabrication process
  • Maximize productivity of each operator