Data Collection

Layup report

LASERGUIDE Data Collection is an option for LASERGUIDE control software that supports the recording of material and production information for traceability by work order. Using LASERGUIDE software and remote control or barcode readers, the system records, on a ply by ply basis, data including:

  • Ply presence and sequence
  • Ply material batch
  • Ply out time (including inhibiting the use of plies which have exceeded their out time limits
  • Production information entered by operators
  • Data generated by LASERVISION, including:
    • Material type verification
    • As-built fiber orientation
    • Absence of FOD

This data is kept in a database, referenced by work order, in a reportable form suitable for electronic transmission or hardcopy generation.

Using LASERGUIDE Data Collection maximizes the information content for each part produced. The producer gains a competitive advantage by providing the customer with detailed, quantitative evidence that the part was correctly manufactured.