FOD Prevention

FOD detection from 23 ft., purple areas are fingertips from gloves, no false alarm from tracer

Full Ply backing FOD

Automatic detection of Foreign Objects and Debris (FOD) saves LASERVISION users from the high costs of major rework or scrapping of composite components.

FOD disrupts interlaminar bonding and compromises the performance of the finished component. Yet FOD often is very difficult for operators to detect. As an example, consider the production of composite stringers for a large commercial aircraft. These stringers, which carry the loads in the aircraft's fuselage, may be 50-ft long laminates of various materials. They are built in facilities with doors large enough to accommodate wide-body fuselage sections. When these doors are open, it is possible for insects and birds to fly in to create or become contaminants in the stringers as they are built.

Another example is peel ply, which is essential in composite bonding because it protects partially completed structures while preparing surfaces for optimal bonding. Peel ply is problematic because operators can easily miss small pieces. If any peel ply remains during the bonding process, the resulting part may be unacceptable.

LASERVISION has been proven in applications in which automatic detection of FOD is essential to part integrity.

FOD Prevention Benefits:

  • Avoid scrap, rework, repair
  • Detect FOD before lay-up occurs (ProjectorVision)
  • Detect FOD before cure
  • Remove FOD at lowest cost