Massive, speedy robots ready to build composite wings for Boeing 777X

...“neat new technology we’ve been able to build in designing all this new hardware” is an integrated self-inspection system.

The machine takes measurements as the carbon-fiber strips are laid down and will alert the operators if a strip is missing or misaligned in any section.

Then lasers overhead will shine a green outline around the patch that requires attention, so the operators can quickly determine if they need to take off those plies and redo it

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Electroimpact AFP Machine Inspects Its Own Work

Providing fully automated inspection for the first time in high-performance composites manufacturing, Assembly Guidance Systems (Chelmsford, Mass.) has shipped its first four LASERVISION units to automated fiber placement (AFP) manufacturer Electroimpact, Inc. (Mukilteo, Washington). “We are fully integrating LASERVISION into our AFP machine cell,” notes Electroimpact engineer Todd Rudberg, “so that our customers can ensure alignment, place courses, and inspect their work product all from a single operator interface.” more>>

September 2015 - LASERVISION Demonstrated at Composites Europe

Assembly Guidance and Jetcam Composite GmbH demonstrated the new LASERVISION system at Composites Europe. LASERVISION supports remote or automatic inspection in composite parts as they are being fabricated. Remote inspection allows inspectors to view laser projected tolerance bands in images captured automatically and sent out of the work cell to a convenient monitor. Automatic inspection processes captured images without human intervention to verify more>>

June 2015 - JETCAM announces technology partnership with Assembly Guidance

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. today announced a technology partnership with laser projection company Assembly Guidance. The move is aimed at providing mutual customers with an integrated, seamless solution from the company’s CrossTrack composite manufacturing software. more>>

June 2015 - Assembly Guidance Appoints JETCAM Composite GmbH as European Distributor

An agreement announced today between Assembly Guidance (Chelmsford, Mass., USA) and JETCAM Composite GmbH (Hohenschäftlarn, Germany) provides European composites makers with vertically complementary manufacturing technologies, all from one distributor. JETCAM’s appointment as European distributor of Assembly Guidance’s LASERGUIDE laser projection systems significantly broadens the company’s range of enabling technologies for composites manufacture. more>>

February 2015 - Assembly Guidance Laser Targets Certified To Meet Boeing's New Requirements

Assembly Guidance has announced its first delivery of laser projection targets certified to meet Boeing's recently established precision requirements. Prior to this accomplishment, the only company qualified to provide certified targets for these applications was a third-party target manufacturer. more>>

January 2015 - Record LASERGUIDE Orders Attest to Customer Satisfaction

Citing both technological superiority and exceptional application support, LASERGUIDE customers have ordered a record 61 projectors in December 2014. These orders have come both from returning customers and from customers switching to LASERGUIDE from other laser projection systems and include: more>>

May 2013 - D3: Defect Prevention, Data Collection and Documentation, announced at SAMPE Event

Assembly Guidance Introduces End-to-End Fabrication Management System

LASERGUIDE manufacturer Assembly Guidance Systems (Chelmsford, Mass.) has chosen SAMPE as the venue at which to introduce to the North American market its new D3 fabrication management system. Reducing discrete hardware, data entry and data integration requirements, the D3 extends LASERGUIDE capabilities by offering fabricators a single point of contact for all fabrication processes. The system has already been adopted by major aerospace and automotive companies to perform and manage laser-guided kitting, layup, ply verification, FOD prevention and correction, and final documentation. more>>

November 2012 - Electroimpact and Assembly Guidance Systems Team Up to Fully Integrate LASERGUIDE into Automated Fiber Placement

Automatic course and boundary display and non-contact probing are enabled on Electroimpact's AFP machine by a LASERGUIDE system from Assembly Guidance.

In a development that has generated great interest among composites manufacturers, Electroimpact has announced the development of an automated fiber placement machine cell that fully integrates LASERGUIDE laser projection from Assembly Guidance. "One interface now allows operators to monitor and control both the AFP machine and the laser projection system seamlessly," explains Electroimpact engineer Todd Rudberg. Electroimpact has already received five orders for the new system-an order from each customer that has seen it. Rudberg attributes this customer enthusiasm to the accuracy and time-efficiency afforded by incorporating the LASERGUIDE system. more>>